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Omb SwineSong
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Review: Omb’s SwineSong

Omb's SwineSong is true progressive, avant-garde metal that surpasses the idea of what music is supposed to be.

Hitler Playing Pinball
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Infamous Moments in Gaming History

The annals of gaming show us that even bad people just want to have fun. Sometimes.

Herman Cain Ann Coulter kart racing
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Extra Life: Nintendo Announces Politico Kart

Nintendo has teased a second game in development for the political gamer. The title is Politico Kart, and it will feature both politicians and pundits involved with the upcoming United States presidential race.

no goils
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Japanese Cafe Influencing Similar Establishments Worldwide

The ultimate geeky-girls-only cafe, Ataraxia, has opened in Osaka, Japan. Other establishments are rapidly following the trend.

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The Twitter Monologues: Cliffy B. Gets Revenge

A comedic short containing actual tweets from Gears of War lead designer, Cliff Bleszinksi.

custer full
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Uwe Boll to Direct Custer’s Revenge Film

Uwe Boll, best known for his critically acclaimed and fan-praised video game-based film adaptations, is set to write, direct, and produce an upcoming adaptation of Mystique’s Atari 2600 title Custer’s Revenge.