me n dogName: JC VanHorn
Roles: editor-in-chief, writer, streamer, fervent Billy Slowmeat apologist

You may be wondering:
“Why do you write reviews in first person?” Because reviews are subjective, and you can’t spell “review” without “i.”
“Why are your music reviews so short?” Because a reader can jump on YouTube and decide for his- or herself whether or not they like something. The idea is to help spread awareness of bands that may not have as big an audience as they deserve.
“Why do your game reviews not have a final, overall score?” Good question! Because video games are comprised of multiple elements, and assigning a single number to an entire game seems flawed. Instead, we score multiple areas within a general range and allow the reader to decide whether or not the game may be something that piques their fancy.
“Why do you review old music and games?” Because in our current age, there is more media to play and listen to than any one human has time for. These mediums have also become timeless. We live in an age where a game like Shovel Knight can win game of the year, and where a band like the Sword can make its mark on the Billboard 200 charts. We don’t find it necessary to limit our content pool.

onion rapperName: Billy Slowmeat
Role: Video game journalist

Billy is the video game journalist of our generation. For Billy, there is no lead too tough to follow…no story too daunting to expose. Billy lives to do one thing: report. Hell, the son of a bitch gets off on it.

Follow him on Twitter @BillySlowmeat.



jesseName: Jesse VanHorn
Roles: writer, streamer

Jesse was born and raised in Armstrong County in Western Pennsylvania. He attended college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for English with a focus in writing, before switching to Communications Media with a focus in audio recording/production and radio production. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree after graduating cum laude.

Jesse was a member of WIUP-FM (the college-owned radio station), periodically hosting a weekly rock and heavy metal radio show between August 2012 and May 2014.

Now when he’s not working at the beer distributor, he plays video games and writes reviews in his mom’s basement while his guitar and drum set gather dust.