Gaming giant Electronic Arts has recently come under fire by president of the UFC, Dana White. White, in response to the outcome of UFC 196, has demanded that EA update the cover of UFC 2 with something that better represents the UFC brand. EA has reported that White sent them a replacement cover that he has personally created, portraying what he claims is a “winning image.” White has allegedly claimed that if EA does not comply to his demands, he will sell the UFC license to 2K Sports.

UFC 2 Cover
Dana White’s remade UFC 2 cover.


The confrontation escalated when EA Sports chief operating officer, Peter Moore, posted the following tweet:

Peter Moore Tweet

Shortly after, White fired back:

Dana White Tweets

UPDATE: EA has caved to the fear of losing the UFC license. If you’ve purchased a copy of UFC 2 and would like a version of Dana White’s replacement cover, simply tweet @EASPORTSUFC with the hashtag “WinningImage” and EA will snail mail a new sleeve after receiving your info and proof of purchase. UFC 2 releases March 15th.


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