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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently revealed that it plans to debut a game based on The Looney Tunes Show (which began airing in May of 2011) at this year’s E3. After the flop of 2007’s Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal, director Chris “DanglyNugs” Mosely promises a robust and groundbreaking experience that will raise the bar for future Looney Tunes-based games.

“We realize fans of Looney Tunes young and old alike were more than let down with our previous installment. We’re working hard this time around to appeal to the fans that grew up watching Bugs dress like a woman to seductively mislead the confused zoophile that is Elmer Fudd, as well as the current generation of youngsters who have been tuning in to The Looney Tunes Show since last May,” Chris “RunnyPoos” Mosely told us via phone interview.

We were informed an example of this would be a level in which the current generation of Looney Tunes gets sucked back in time to meet with their counterparts of yesteryear.

“We also realize veteran Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies fans may be irked by the new adaptation of Taz, the Tasmanian devil character, so the time-warp themed level gives us a chance to incorporate both past and present Tazes—as well as other characters—who may either team up or contend with their counterparts. For instance, the past and present Taz will each have a unique voice actor to establish individuality. Jim Cummings will reprise his role as the voice of modern Taz. However, we’ve got vocal sorcerer Mike Patton of Faith No More on board to voice classic Taz,” Chris “B-Stanx” Mosely went on.

patton, mike

In addition to many bands, such as the aforementioned Faith No More, Mr. Patton has also lent his voice to Valve’s Portal and Left 4 Dead, Capcom’s 2009 Bionic Commando sequel, and 2K Games’ The Darkness and The Darkness II.

Before hanging up with us, Chris “SloppyDrawers” Mosely finished with the following: “We were originally going to have Jim Cummings voice both parts, until sound supervisor Gregory ‘TootsiePlop316’ Hainer sent me a link to the Faith No More song ‘Ugly in the Morning.’ He said, ‘Listen to the last thirty seconds and tell me that isn’t Taz as he was meant to sound.’ By god, he was right.”

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