With the release of Untouchable Glory, Gama Bomb has nailed the four f’s that define the thrash genre: fast, fun, and fucking fantastic.

If someone were to try to convince me that Untouchable Glory was composed by a troupe of metalheads from the late ‘80s who’d hopped in a telephone booth time machine to bring their sound to the year 2015 in order to save their future selves from some incredible catastrophe, I’d have a tough time proving that someone was full of shit. The album belongs next to the classic releases of bands like Death Angel and Sacred Reich, and in no way is that a bad thing.

There are plenty of hard-hitting riffs and solos to headbang over, or at the very least aggressively nod to. The song “I Will Haunt You” demonstrates this spectacularly, and even rouses a smile with the line “Now I’m coming back from the grave to haunt the shit out of you.” And if the line, “Bless me Father, for I have ginned,” in the song “Drinkers, Inc.” doesn’t get a chuckle, then the listener is probably dead somewhere behind the tie of their parasitic suit. “Ze host doth not understand… Ze host merely obeys.” Which brings me to the song “Tuck Your T-shirt In,” the most standout song on the album, not in excellence per se, but in uniqueness. It’s a total throwback to old-school thrash that deserves to be blasted in the parking lot of a corporate structure while middle fingers extend beyond the cavities of denim sleeves. Dramatic, I know.

Gama Bomb’s Untouchable Glory gets a rating of four out of five untouchable, royalty-free, clip art ninjas. See, because the first track is called “Ninja Untouchables,” and so what I did was…with the…and…tit.

4 of 5

Gama Bomb is giving away arguably their best album, Tales from the Grave in Space, totally for free. With just an email address (one that doesn’t even have to be legit <winky face>) the album can be downloaded as a zip right here. There’s no reason not to check it out.

Also, since this is a gaming site, it makes sense to note that Gama Bomb has written a song about the arcade game Final Fight. The tune can be heard here.

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