As of this writing Omb has less than thirty Twitter followers, a measly 1,200 Facebook likes, and no page on Wikipedia to call their own. I’m bringing attention to this because when I first came across these facts I was in disbelief. How could a band so damn talented be appreciated by such a scant amount of people? It turns out the answer is a simple one: because there is nothing out there quite like Omb.

Omb’s SwineSong is true progressive, avant-garde metal that surpasses the idea of what music is supposed to be. SwineSong is first and foremost art and expression, and in the realm of audio this tends to be a bit of an obscurity that either soars above the heads of most listeners or is simply a turnoff. SwineSong doesn’t contain catchy choruses, or digestible radio-length songs. No, SwineSong is an exhibit of sound, a gallery for the ears. I would almost describe it as disorderly, but that wouldn’t be fair. There’s so much thought put into everything that’s happening in the album that it borders on absurdity. Is it genius, or is it insanity? It can be hard to tell at times. SwineSong is smart, fun, eccentric, heavy, chaotic, soothing, and about a hundred other adjectives that I’ll abstain from listing as to keep the review moving. The message to take away is that it’s difficult to wrap your head around Omb. It is to music what Donnie Darko is to movies.

Omb’s singer, Davidavi Dolev, has recorded vocals that are off the charts in terms of range. The man does so much with his voice—from clean singing, to guttural roars, to off-kilter effects—that his name belongs next to greats like System of a Down’s Serj Tankian and Faith No More’s Mike Patton. I’m going to assume Mr. Davidavi is a healthy and stable young man; however, to make such a judgment based on any of Omb’s songs would be impossible. Of course I can only conclude on Davidavi’s mental health based on what I know about myself. And I know that Davidavi has nailed the madness that comes from lust, love, and relationships in a song called “Oh Mrs. Wade! You Shouldn’t Have!” And since I can relate to this song, and feel I am not crazy, then therefore Davidavi must not be crazy. Logic…?

I love SwineSong. I’ve been listening to it for years and it still amazes me with every play. Give it a chance, and if you find yourself taking a liking then support their art. Or at least be their thirtieth Twitter follower.

Omb’s SwineSong gets four and a half pixelated hearts out of five.
HeartHeartHeartHeartMixed Heart


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