Rockstar Games has recently allowed us to preview some of the updates coming in the GTA V 1.32 patch due out sometime in January 2016. From what we can tell, it seems Rockstar is determined to make the most realistic law enforcement AI ever seen in a video game. Check out the patch notes below, along with some comments from the dev team and a preview video of what to expect when the patch goes live next year.

  • Improved police AI. Interactions with law enforcement have been tweaked to increase realism.
    • At zero stars, police now become aggressive if:
      • Player has hands in pocket.
      • Player is jaywalking.
      • Player is holding anything.
      • Player is performing gestures.
      • Player is running toward police for help.
      • Player is wearing less than $100 worth of total attire.
      • Player is driving a car worth less than $2,000.
      • Player possesses a total of $3,000 or less at any time.
      • Player is playing as Franklin.
    • At one star, police now shoot to kill on sight if:
      • Player is playing as Franklin.

“With cameras on law enforcement now more than ever, we’ve been able to study hundreds of incidents involving policemen and have tweaked our AI to be more consistent with the actual workings of real police officers. It’s truly a great time to be alive…er, in San Andreas that is. And as long as you’re not playing as Franklin.” – Unnamed Developer

“With this future update, we’re giving the player yet another reason to stay inside their home and get safely shot by police, instead of going outside and dealing with the inconvenience and discomfort of being beaten or shot by actual law enforcement when accidentally annoying a policeman or causing him to feel threatened.” – Lead 3D Artist

“Some of the naysayers out there have labeled our game as a murder simulator. We wanted to erase a bit of that stigma, and so now, when the player is playing as Franklin, GTA V becomes more of a survival horror. We think our community will really dig it.” – QA Tester

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