In the spirit of Christmas, Telltale Games was kind enough to gift us some information and screenshots of their heretofore unannounced episodic adventure game. The working title is God of War: Devil’s Advocate. It appears Kratos is leaving the era of Greek mythology and breaching the realm of Christian folklore.

Check out the screens and details provided below and let us know where you think Telltale Games is going with the story. Could it be setting up God of War 4? Will Kratos quell his anger and finally forgive himself? Does God look suspiciously similar to Zeus? Are you offended by the term “Christian folklore”? Did we go too far with this article?

Whatever your stance, happy holidays from the Ragdoll Farcists.

kratos in heaven

“With God of War: Devil’s Advocate we’ve built a brand-new engine from the ground up that does more than simply address the technical hiccups in our previous titles. We’ve dubbed it the Blasphemy Engine©, and it allows us to develop mechanics within the game that were just not possible before.”

kratos vs god

“The Blasphemy Engine© sets players free to explore the Christian universe in ways never imagined. There are no scripted events in God of War: Devil’s Advocate. Instead, players lead Kratos through many biblical locales totally unrestricted, making decisions along the way that affect the world in big ways. If you can see it, you can go there. It’s essentially the first open-world, story-driven adventure game.”

kratos last supper

“For example, if a player decides he or she wants to tear off an angel’s wings, and then proceed to run the jagged, gory stumps through the angel’s throat as the being attempts to scream in agony through a gargle of mounting blood, they can do it! In fact, much of the Bible’s cast will appear in the game, all able to be mutilated unorthodoxly in ways only Kratos knows how! Preorder today!”

beheading christ

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