It was around 10 p.m. on a Sunday night when the lights in Marge’s kitchen flickered out. She heard a loud, electrical pop, followed by what would be her husband’s final anguished utterance. When she entered the bathroom, she discovered her husband’s damp body draped over the tub. The man she’d loved for twenty-two years was dead.

“I done told Gus that face computer of his was nothin’ but one of Satan’s toys, corruptin’ his soul and robbin’ him of valuable family time.”

Gus was wearing the latest Oculus development kit. Marge claimed he had purchased the device so he could go hunting when he wasn’t out hunting.

“‘Big Game Hunter’ this, and ‘Big Game Hunter’ that. I swear, Gus loved that darn game more’n huntin’ in real life. Always said the only thing it were short on was the feelin’ of bein’ outside.”

Marge went on to claim that the Devil spoke to Gus through the Oculus, and that Beelzebub himself was the cause of her marriage’s early termination.

“Devil done made’m stand in that water wearin’ his face computer, I know it for truth. Done tricked’m but good.”

Marge closed the interview lamenting that she’d have to attend the night’s Ted Cruz rally by her lonesome; however, she took solace knowing that it’s what Gus would want her to do in his absence.

Billy Slowmeat

Billy Slowmeat

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Billy Slowmeat